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maths so boring that you have to mock the name uncontrollably until it's so old that you put it on Urban Dictionary!
OMFG, I hate AlgeBRA!!!
AriaMelodyによって 2008年01月11日(金)
Someone who is ugly; so ugly, in fact, that it is unfortunate for the rest of the world to have to look at them.
Aquafina is so unfortunate-looking!
AriaMelodyによって 2008年01月11日(金)
When you don't have a car to do a drive by shooting, so you just walk.
Devon's so ghetto he didn't have a car, so he did a walk-by on Bonquisha's last night!
AriaMelodyによって 2008年01月11日(金)
a mustache that looks like a wom, usually grown by immature guys in their mid to early 20s.
Hey, check out that dude's gross wormstache!!
AriaMelodyによって 2008年01月11日(金)
When someone is so kablamy that you have to have a kablorgy so all your friends can know how kablamy they are in bed.
D and his were caught kablorgying with Autasey backstage last night!
AriaMelodyによって 2008年01月11日(金)
Someone who is really really really really really really REALLY hot, so we compare them to Johnny Depp.
Cody is sooooooo deppilicious!!!
AriaMelodyによって 2008年01月11日(金)

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