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A good guy or hero of romanticised Old West stories.
Antinousによって 2003年09月11日(木)
Noun. 1. A toothed wheel.
2. A group of items used in an activity; equipment.
Verb. 1. To equip with gears. 2. To connect with gears. 3. To adjust so as to satisfy something.
Noun. 1. I'm always grinding the gears in my transmission.
2. Get that fishing gear together.
Verb. 1. Did you gear that machine right?
2. I've geared down the wheels to provide more speed.
3. My magazine is geared toward a young audience.
Antinousによって 2003年09月11日(木)
Noun. "The categorizing of something as worthless trivia" (Josefa Heifetz. Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary. Secaucus: University Books, 1974).
Antinousによって 2003年09月11日(木)
See vice
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