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In essence, the city of Lauderhill, with a very small portion of eastern Sunrise. What many would refer to as, "the hood".
When I used to deliver furniture, I did it all over deepside because our store was in Lauderhill.
Anonymous Manによって 2005年09月05日(月)
Slang for high-quality marijuana, originating from Broward County, Florida. Derivatives of the slang include, "James Brown", "George Clinton", etc. All devised so as to elude law enforcement knowledgability.
Who got that funk? Who got that funk? Who got that funk? Broward County got that funk, ya heard?
Anonymous Manによって 2005年09月05日(月)
Parkland, Florida, being mistaken for Coral Springs as it is geographically seperated by the Sawgrass Expressway, a major highway dividing urban and rural.
Walking down Riverside you see them tags on the underpass but if you cross it you in White Compton so make sure you ain't holding nothing.
Anonymous Manによって 2005年09月05日(月)
Originating out of the southern tri-county area of Florida, street vernacular for police officers.
Whenever my friends talk about them crackers they always tell me "no offense", but I don't care cause I hate them too.
Anonymous Manによって 2005年09月05日(月)
As said, originating from Broward County, Florida. Slang for high-quality marijuana such as funk, fire, kind, etc. Taken from the word krypto, shortened and changed to a "B" for governmental monitoring purposes.
J came through with the bip and we got lifted.
Anonymous Manによって 2005年09月05日(月)
Ghetto, gutter, grimey, etc.
"Munk kicked in the door and stuck them 3 kids up and even pistol-whipped one and broke his nose. He made off with all their goods too. Man that shit was Florida."
Anonymous manによって 2005年08月10日(水)

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