12 definitions by Amos Nusheg

An orgasm in a box for gamers
OMFG it's the playstation 3, i'm having an orgasm!
Amos Nushegによって 2008年02月19日(火)
The Weapons of Mass Erection
Man...her boobs are huge! I'm getting a mass erection!
Amos Nushegによって 2008年02月19日(火)
The most funniest person in the class who often gets in trouble
Class Clown: Alejandro acts stupid all the time in front of the teacher and he has to go to the Dean everytime.
Amos Nushegによって 2007年10月08日(月)
A technique that tempts you to click it and you get god-knows-what popups after you click it
*A hand with longer black finger nails points at text* Do not Click this Unless you are 18.
Amos Nushegによって 2007年10月08日(月)
a place where you can do your homework and stuff, and your being watched everywhere you look by teachers.
study hall is boring
Amos Nushegによって 2007年10月08日(月)
A person who get's straight A's in school
Michael: Hey, look at my report card. I got all A's bitch.
Samuel: Ah! School Boy!
Amos Nushegによって 2007年10月08日(月)
A spyware and adware deployment tool developed by Microsoft
Wtf, I just got pr0n out of no where using Internet Explorer!
Amos Nushegによって 2008年02月19日(火)