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a place in Washington state where trailer trash, smelly hippies, dirty people, pot heads, rich, and dirty trailer trash hippies with stashed money reside.
Hey man, you smell like shiz, go live on Guemes.
amberによって 2004年06月13日(日)
A Poemist is A Person who writes poems In the Famous words of my litte Princess
Poemist: writer, studier of poetry, Litriture and the creative arts
Dad if an archiologist digs up bones and fossils and a meteorologist studies meteors, does that make you a Poemist?
Amberによって 2004年01月20日(火)
to lose it with somone in a moment of anger
he totally reared up at me...
amberによって 2003年11月26日(水)
To get an overwhelming urge for doing something, eating something or going somewhere....
i'm a bit sugen to go to the pub
amberによって 2003年11月26日(水)
A phrase commonly used to describe James Hetfield, lead singer and rhythm guitar player of the band Metallica
James Hetfield is the sexiest man alive, especially in his tight leather pants.
Amberによって 2003年11月17日(月)
Greatest night school teacher ever. Hasn't beaten any obstinate teenagers yet... never!
"Mr.Spitzig is the greatest teacher at Cameron"
Amberによって 2005年04月14日(木)
to hook up with somebody
yo you needa nipit up wit da bitch
amberによって 2004年09月03日(金)