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of, relating to, or being characterictic of stereotypical behavior of a negro person.
His cutting in front of me in line was quite negroceous
Adrian Daneによって 2005年06月29日(水)
jibberish sounding as though you have a deep philosophical insight, thought or understanding
As I gaze out into our vast universe of stars and planets and ponder my purpose in it I can only wonder and stand amazed by the volumeous sequensense of almanuity that abounds.
Adrian Daneによって 2005年06月29日(水)
of, relating to, or characteristic of the stereotypical behavior of a man or men who have no forskin, particularly the stereotypical behavior of a white male
Bob's attitude about being the head of the family is so forskinuless.
Adrian Daneによって 2005年06月29日(水)

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