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A single - player video game for PS3 and XBox 360, which gameplay and graphic appearance is comparable to the Devil May Cry series, Dante's Inferno and other Hack & Slay adventures.

Bayonetta is the name of the main character - the witch Bayonetta.
Bayonetta: 'Don't fuck with a witch'.
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Abbadon [IA]によって 2011年06月30日(木)
The flame dragon that represents the World of Warcraft Cataclysm patch.
Deathwing - WoW Cataclysm
#deathwing #world of warcraft #wow #cataclysm #fire dragon
Abbadon [IA]によって 2011年06月30日(木)
A german Fantasy RPG.
Released: 1999 - Germany
Developer: Lomax Online
Singleplayer: Available
Multiplayer: Available
For Windows 95/98 and higher.

The appearance and gameplay reminds of Diablo, with korean elements. Because of collector's value, it probably reaches a high vendor price in online shops.
Lamentation Sword - 1999 Germany - Lomax Online
#lamentation sword #game #windows 95 #lomax online #german
Abbadon [IA]によって 2011年06月30日(木)
Infinite Aion short. IA, is the most advanced and retail like Aion private server, which has a friendly community and many active players.
It's an international server, which means, that the basic language is English, but the players can find there people from their own land,too.

Infinite Aion has different servers for playing available:
1 Low rate server
1 High rate server
1 PvP server
and 1 Test server For development, but players can play and test there as well.

The private server is free to play, and requires the current Aion retail patch state on your PC + the Infinite Aion Launcher.
Infinite Aion - private server
#infinite aion #ia #infinite #aion #private server #free to play
Abbadon [IA]によって 2011年06月30日(木)
The storm dragon that represents the Aion 2.0 patch.
- Final boss of the Beshmundir Temple
Stormwing - The voltaic Dragon
#stormwing #voltaic #frost #dragon #beshmundir temple #aion
Abbadon [IA]によって 2011年06月30日(木)
The Enûma Eliš (engl.) Enuma Elish is the Babylonian creation myth.
#enuma elish #enūma eliš #enuma elisch #enuma elis #mythology
Abbadon [IA]によって 2011年06月30日(木)

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