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39 definitions by 5'1"Racer

1. to run at top speed
I sprinted down the track
5'1"Racerによって 2005年02月15日(火)
A difficult class available in high school that involves hard concepts like derivatives and integration.
I'm not taking AP calculus because it's too hard.
5'1"Racerによって 2005年05月31日(火)
1. really fast, usually used to describe a car.
That McLaren F1 is brenden! It can lap an F1 car
5'1"Racerによって 2004年05月22日(土)
1. broken, not correctly functioning, doesn't work.
2. caught by the cops
This radio is busted.
Don't speed or you'll get busted.
5'1"Racerによって 2005年12月27日(火)
1. to shut down. cease to work, applied to a computer or program.
2. To hit something in a car or other vehicle
My computer crashed.
My car crahed into a brick wall
5'1"Racerによって 2004年03月15日(月)
The chemical name for table salt. consists of a Sodium atom and 1 Chlorine atom ionically bonded.
I put sodium chloride on my dinner.
5'1"Racerによって 2005年10月09日(日)
A very difficult DDR song, running at 333 bpm for most of the song. A
level 10 on heavy.
I lose about 10 seconds into the legend of max
5'1"Racerによって 2005年02月12日(土)