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The act of a male receiving a blow job (hummer) and while still wet from the woman's saliva, rubbing his genitalia in sand and smacking her in the face with his sand-covered penis.

Variations of this act may include (but are not limited to) using only the penis, only the testicles or the full male genitalia.
"Hey bro what'd you end up doing with that chick last night?"
"We went to the beach and she gave me head and I hooked her eye up with an Egyptian wreckingball."
"Nice, I'm more of an Alabama Hot Pocket man myself though"
30birdによって 2008年04月12日(土)
Abbreviation for Niggers Eating Wonder Bread.
See Irony.
"I shit myself after seeing some N.E.W.B. It's a good thing I'm getting a Blumpkin right now"
30birdによって 2008年02月28日(木)
Ghetto-ass high school located in Avon, CT that should/would make anyone with some decency and self-respect feel insecure for even being associated with. The emmense diversity (probably the best thing that this school has to offer), does not compensate for the fact that most*(not all) of the students don't give a shit about what they say/wear/do or where they will go in life. Some people are kind of cool though.
XX: Wow, you seem pretty interesting, where do you go to school?
YY: Oh.. I go to AHS..
XX: OMG! You're not going to mug me are you? Please don't!!
YY: I won't, don't worry I was raised right.
XX: You must be one of the few there who was then..
YY: Yeah I am, luckily..
30birdによって 2009年02月05日(木)

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